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Coopers Hawk exam 7-24-21

This Coopers Hawk was rescued and brought to Skegemog Raptor Center (SRC) by Officers Tom Bruce and Ethan Coppula of the Little River Band late at night on 7-23. The bird was found alongside US-31 in Manistee dazed and unable to fly.

A physical exam was performed the following morning. The bird was found to have severe bruising on his body as well as bruising and swelling on his right wing. It was obvious that his right wing was sprained.

We immediately started him on fluids and added an anti-inflammatory to help with the pain and swelling. He spent the next week in our clinic, in a quiet and rather dark environment, which kept him calm so healing could continue. After a week of convalescing inside he was moved to an outdoor enclosure where he could begin to stretch his wings and take some short flights. This sweet hawk needs a bit more time to heal and gain back his strength. During this time he sure enjoys his daily meal deliveries of fresh quail meat. He is eating more than 1/2 quail per day which removes about $25.00 per week from our food budget. If you would like to sponsor the rehabilitation of this hawk, or any of our other patients, please hit the "Donate Now" button and make your tax deductible donation. We thank you for your support.

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