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Great Horned Owl Flying Strong

Around 10p.m. on September 15th, I received a phone call from Ludiginton's police chief, Christopher Jones. He told me that the Ludington Police Department had just freed a Great Horned Owl from the grille of a car and needed assistance finding it medical care. Off duty, Chief Jones met me halfway between Ludington and our clinic in Traverse City. Thanks to the heroic efforts of Chief Jones and the Ludington Police Department, the owl was back at our clinic by 1 a.m. and was receiving fluids and pain medications.

A physical exam revealed bruising and swelling in her right shoulder and elbow. Being wedged in the car's grille also caused bruising on her chest and back. In addition to this, her radiographs showed a significantly displaced scapula fracture. Her wing was bandaged to her body, and she received pain medications with continuing supportive care. She needed to be hand-fed for ten days before she felt well enough to eat on her own.

After six weeks of care, we began her flight conditioning, and we are thrilled with the progress she is making! This success story wouldn't be possible without the compassionate action of Ludington's police department and the hard work of our dedicated volunteers.

Now, you can be a part of her story. Our work is entirely dependent on the generous support of the community, and we urgently need your help to provide the care these amazing birds deserve. Please donate today and share this with others who have a passion for wildlife.

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