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Injured Bald Eagle

This large adult female Bald Eagle was spotted by Craig Hine along the shoreline of Lake Michigan in the Leland area. She had been sitting there for several hours unable to fly. A call was placed to Skegemog Raptor Center (SCR) and James made the trip to rescue her immediately.

Of course as soon as the eagle saw James approaching she jumped into the lake. James had to wade in but was able to capture her without further mishap. She was taken back to SCR for a physical exam and care.

SCR takes in raptors from all over northern Michigan. During this busy season our staff travels an average of 800 miles a week doing rescues, releases, picking up supplies, visits to veterinary clinics etc... This takes approximately $450 a week out of our budget for gas and maintenance. We hope you will consider clicking the donate now button and make your tax deductible donation to SCR.

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