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Merlin Release 7-31-21

This hatch year Merlin was found with an injured right wing in Petoskey. Finder Betsy Leonard-Brown contacted Skegemog Raptor Center (SRC) after she and her neighbors were able to capture it. This little falcon was taken to a local veterinary clinic for x-rays which revealed he was free of any fractures or dislocations.

The following morning he came to SCR and a physical exam found he had trauma and swelling in the right wing but was healthy otherwise. After receiving a few days of an anti-inflammatory and cage rest he was moved to an outdoor enclosure. He immediately started taking small flights and his wing improved in strength and flexibility. This little guy sure had an appetite and was totally enjoying meal deliveries. Each day he was eating 3 mice or 1/3 quail ....which equates to more than 20% of his body weight!

After completing the conditioning part of his rehabilitation this small falcon was released on 7-31-21 and reunited with his siblings and parents.

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