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Paralyzed Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle physical exam

This immature bald eagle was rescued just outside of Kaleva on 5/16/21. Upon return to SRC, this female was given an exam by James Manley and Tanya Mouthaan.

During examination it was discovered that she had complete paralysis of her legs. This injury was most likely caused by a vehicle collision. She was given fluids as well as a heavy dose of anti-inflammatory medication in an attempt to reduce the swelling around the spinal cord and provide pain relief. We made every effort to keep her comfortable in a well padded crate. Over the next 72 hours she was provided quality food, pain relief, and a dark, quiet environment to rest.

Sadly, this girl showed no improvement. After consulting with one of our participating veterinarians the decision was made that humane euthanasia was the best option for her. Spinal trauma generally has a very grave prognosis.

Ideally, our goal is to release our patients back to the wild. But the reality is sometimes our job is to release them from their pain and suffering.

In this busy world we are constantly rushing and focused on getting somewhere in a hurry. As you leave your house today please consider that we share this planet with others. Perhaps drive a little slower and be aware of your surroundings. Raptors are often spotted alongside the road feeding on roadkill. Please take the time to slow down and give them a wide berth. You may save a Raptor today!

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Last week, me and 2 bicyclists found a young eagle on the side of Hwy 119 near Harbor Springs. We called LTBB and they came and picked him/her up and brought him/her to your Raptor Center. How is the young eagle is doing?

Will you be posting any pictures or info on your site? Thank you for the awesome work you do! :)

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